Books by Dr. Courtland Wyatt


Target Audience: Team leaders, management, individuals looking to jump start career, healthcare professionals, people wanting to start a business and underperforming employees.

Description: You have probably set countless goals, but how many do you actually achieve on a routine basis? Falling short of goals on a regular basis can damage your self-confidence and cause your stress levels to skyrocket. It is time to stop agonizing about how to set, plan, and achieve your goals.  This keynote will help you discover gratification and peace of mind by enabling you to cross accomplished goals off your list, and showing you how to consistently set yourself up for success.

“Prescription for an Awesome Life” is like an X-ray or an MRI of your current struggles. It will force you to hold your tribulations and struggles up to the light so that you can expose the broken areas of your life, and diagnose and analyze the problems that are preventing you from accomplishing your dreams. Once you have identified those problems, what you learn in this book will help eliminate them by providing a proven goal-setting process and teaching you specific, step-by-step methods for victory. You will learn how to plan, triage priorities, allocate resources, strategize and create timelines that work for you. By breaking down tasks into easily digestible segments, you will find that accomplishing your goals seems effortless.

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